Sustaining our Future

Urban-Econ leads the way in the creation and enhancement of efficient, optimal and sustainable systems of natural and capital resource utilisation.  The company’s approach is to guide positive and sustainable change in mainly the energy and manufacturing industries, to ensure a low environmental impact while producing economic growth and job creation.


  • Policy Assessment & Alignment
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Industry Capability Statements
  • Social & Economic Impact Assessment Studies (Inputs Into EIAs)
  • Localisation Potential Analysis
  • Market Entry Investigations
  • Socio-Economic Development (SED) &  Enterprise Development Studies

Key projects

Study into the Localisation Potential of Photovoltaic (PV) Technology and a Strategy to Support Large-Scale Roll-Out in South-Africa

Go-to-Market Strategy for a Thin-Film Manufacturing Facility



Elena Broughton

Manager: Innovation & Sustainable Development Unit


012 342 8686